DUCATI V2 in all its red glory

Sam Cox Racing takes a new direction in the 2020 Race season


Its no secret that our well-laid plans in 2019 did not deliver the experience we all wished for in the BSB Stock 1000 season.  Although we broke PB’s at most circuits and enjoyed some personal and team progress at each round attended, the brutal aspects of racing took its toll on team confidence and the ability to push forward in the series.  That we survived and learned as a team reflects our strength of purpose and teamwork.


The BSB STOCK 1000 class has become very competitive. Try as we might to match the costs of competing with some really big names and teams it proved a stretch in 2019 and our decision for 2020 has been made in relation to reason, desire to compete equally and getting back to the kind of racing which we enjoyed throughout our time in the Triumph Challenge i.e. on a level playing field that is fully accessible to us.  Our main sponsors (Echelon) are also delighted we are prepared to tamper with the exotic equipment that only comes from Italy!  Ducati it is then…….


So the Ducati Tri Options is just that series and will provide an interesting stepping stone to regain our mojo as a team and rider.  Sam #31 has always been a racer known for aggressive passes, steady and strategic race craft and the ability to win and podium as well as good endurance in fitness.  Our hopes are that by providing a good opportunity to make the front rather than building from the middle, the adrenalin of the win will break our tempered approach.


Of course the Ducati series is probably cheaper overall with less rounds (8 instead of 12) and a restriction on tyres used (Max 4 instead of 7).   These details matter as there is no point spending so much money in a class where our returns are less cost effective and the fun value is all but dissipated.


First job is to sell our beloved Suzuki.  The bike has performed really well all season.  Pushing out the same 190 BHP on the BSB dyno without a glitch and providing us with self tuning learning opportunities and a cheaper Suzuki supported refresh and service programme.  Our support from Maxton has been excellent and the suspension supplied both responsive and tunable too.


The Ducati has proven itself well in the series so far.  The new model, officially badged the V2, has been ordered and will provide some interesting mechanical lessons no doubt.  News that some of the Ducati series bikes were suffering cooling issues has been discounted on the back of less than favourable servicing and care with Radiator clean and purging.  Obviously exotic bikes like the V2 will have its idiosyncrasies but we have learned to prep fully for race weekends and our checking has become exacting to offset any early minor issues before they become major.


We have now to complete the change.  Build the bike.  Build the team and then test in time for the first round at Silverstone in April.  Wish us luck, its going to be an interesting ride!


We are building the team for 2020 now.  Any support welcome. We are looking to develop our sponsor base among commercial and private companies that would like further exposure in the BSB Paddock.  A great place to bring clients and customers for an exciting day out with our own bespoke hospitality and paddock rights on offer.  Get in touch!



Sam Cox & Team

SCR #31



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