SAM COX RACING has spent several years preparing and developing motorcycles for racing purposes in the premier British Supersport series.  The approach we have taken at SCR is to cost effectively build track bikes that are reliable and have good competitive performance using the best, cost effective components to meet the stringent conditions of Club and BSB Level racing.


This winter we are offering the following services to repair, develop and fully rebuild track bikes according to client needs:


1.  Total strip down and check providing the owner with recommendations for improvement.


2.  Chassis, forks and wheel alignment checks including suspension internals, upgrading and rebuilds.


3.  Conversion of street to track specifications according to Club and BSB National regulations.


4.  Complete rebuilds of existing equipment including frame resprays and wheel powder coating.


5.  Bodywork fitting and repainting including tank and seat units.


6.  Fine fettling of all mechanical parts including Braking systems, Airbox and fuelling components, chain and gearing configurations and electronic tuning.


7.  Repairs of any crash damage including fairings, chassis and suspension.


8.  Testing of completed bikes including Engine Dyno and suspension set up on or off track.


9.  Follow up Trackside support and coaching in preparation for the new season.



This R6 Supersport bike has been stripped down ready for a mid season refresh.  The engine will be rebuilt and all other components checked and serviced.  This whole process can be completed in 2 - 4 weeks depending on original condition of presented bike.


A road going R6 ready for conversion to BSB Supersport specification.  All road going components to be removed and replaced by racing equipment from trusted and reliable suppliers




The same road going R6


competing in the British


Supersport series at Knockhill


Circuit, Scotland.


Reliability the key principle to


give trouble free racing.



The same process applied to a Triumph Daytona 675 ready to race at British level, with the right fettling it handled well and gave great service for 3 years.


If interested please get in touch as we have a limited number of slots for the winter break.  


Sam Cox Racing



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