Suspension and Set Up data

One key area in successful Track riding or racing is getting the bike set up with correct suspension settings so that the rider can increase pace safely and with confidence.  This section may help trackday and prospective racers with their own track and handling issues as well as providing some answers to commonly experienced problems.


The current set up on our Stock 1000 Suzuki GSXR 1000 bike includes:


Maxton GP Fork Cartridges

Maxton Rear GP Shock


2D Datalogging system: GPS, Throttle position, Gear selection, Engine and wheel speeds, Fork and Shock travel, Braking pressure


520 Sprockets and chain


Brembo Racing Discs


Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC1 Tyres Front and rear (Typical hot pressures are 34 psi Front and 23 psi Rear)


Renthal Sprocket sets


DID Gold chain




Getting the most from a sportsbike on track or an out and out Championship Race bike is basically the same problem: making sure the bike corners well and ensuring that max power can be transfered to the track surface in a controlled manner so that it is safe to push harder and lower lap times.  This then helps build rider confidence and the ability to go faster.


Typical problems caused by a poorly set up Race bike:


1.  Front end dives under braking


2.  Excessive Wheelying 


3.  Hard to turn into corners and maintain lines


4.  Instability through corners


5.  Running wide on exit and power


6.  Bouncy and unstable over bumps and track surface undulations


7.  Lack of front end feel


8.  Lack of rear wheel grip


9.  Tyre damage


10.  Unhappy rider with low confidence!


 These problems can all be linked to a poor suspension set up or inadequately serviced suspension componentry.


In the next section it is assumed that the following steps have been taken to ensure that the suspension system and condition is suitable for further tuning and that it has the capacity to work well in finding the optimum set up for a specific track:


  • The suspension forks and shock are suitable for use on the donor bike
  • They have been fitted, serviced and maintained well by a qualified suspension engineer
  • The springs fitted are suitable for the weight of the rider
  • The bike is fitted with quality track tyres heated and pressured to the correct manufacturers settings
  • The bike is well serviced, has a correctly adjusted chain, effective brakes and correct gearing set up


Taking any road or track bike bike onto circuits without these factors in place is a 'fools paradise' and usually results in a broken bike and/or rider.  The cost of correctly preparing for the track may not be cheap but is much less expensive than replacing a written off bike or injured rider.

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